Born in 1965 in Tokyo, Japan, Gen Takahashi is a film director, producer, screenwriter, songwriter, and novelist. Gen started his filmmaking career at Toei Studios in 1984, where he directed, wrote and acted in independent films. In 1991, Gen directed his first feature film, Heartless, which was released to major theaters throughout Japan. Following the film’s television premiere on Japan’s national network, NHK, Heartless gained a cult following, one that still exists today, resulting in the film being archived in the Japan National Museum’s collection in 2015. In 1995, Gen worked with a number of star Japanese actors and directed his second feature, Young Blood Typhoon, which was selected to screen at the Yubari International Film Festival, eventually winning an audience-award.

In 1997, Gen relocated to Hong Kong to further his international filmmaking career, while still making films in Japan. In Hong Kong, Gen produced Japanese TV series See you in Kowloon, along with several other co-productions between Hong Kong and Japan. In 2001, Gen’s video movie The Nack of Fight achieved commercial success in the Hong Kong Japanese video market, placing at No.2 in the rankings. Three years later, Gen added a team from Shanghai to his Hong Kong and Japanese co-productions, which resulted in his 2004 feature Charon receiving international distribution, while also winning the GRANDPRIX of the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival and being selected to the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival and Deauville Asia Film Festival.

The following year, Gen directed the critically acclaimed and international cult classic Confessions of a Dog, a raw, brazen and brutally honest commentary on the Japanese police, which screened at The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. In 2009, Gen directed Goth, a feature based on a best selling Japanese novel. Goth enjoyed both domestic commercial success and international distribution, getting sold in Canada and the UK. Gen followed Goth with An Ordinary Opinion in 2011, an unreleased documentary film shot in New York about New Yorkers and their experiences and thoughts about 9/11. In 2013, Gen directed Court of Zeus, an indictment of the Japnese judicial system, which was officially selected for the Raindance Film Festival in London. Gen’s current film, YOKO THE CHERRY BLOSSOM, was recently selected to screen at the Montreal World Film Festival and showing at many countries . To this date, Gen Takahashi makes his films without the cooperation of major Japanese film studios, to uphold the integrity of his very personal and outspoken views. His latest film is “D5/Five Detectives” In 2018.


Confessions of a Dog : electric sheep

Confessions of a Dog : MIDNIGHT EYE