The Raindance Film Festival 2013

At 4:45PM on September 29th, The Court of Zeus premiered to a sold-out audience at the biggest independent film festival in all of Europe, the Raindance Film Festival in London, England. The Q&A with the director after the screening spilled out into the theater lobby, where not only did members of the audience express their appreciation for the entertainment value of the film, but also made aware their shock at the reality of the Japanese judicial system that was portrayed in the film.

上映後のQ&Aでは時間が足らずに監督と観客の対話は劇場ロビーに移動しての延長戦となって続きました。 ロンドンの観客の皆さんは、本作のエンターテインメントとしての質の高さを称賛すると同時に映画の中で描かれる日本の司法制度の現実にショックを受けていたようです。